Maxim Magazine have made us pick of the week starting 4th February 2000 and they said: "This new website has had many people in the Maxim office crowding round the monitor for a look, such is the power of this animal fat-based cooking product. Okay, fair enough - lard is an animal by-product, and vegetable oil-based alternatives are not quite as bad for you, but who really cares because most of us know that a good old 'greasy spoon' fry-up is not the same unless saturated by the substance. The BLMB claims that: "Lard generally receives a bad press," and that it aims to: "put that right by promoting the benefits of lard and lard-based foodstuffs." The site contains enough fascinating 'lard facts' to keep any enthusiast happy for - ooh, literally minutes - and there's also a 'live' LardCam feature that shows various of blocks of lard sat tastefully on the webmaster's fridge shelf. This, downloadable wallpaper, the history of lard, online recipes, audio snipped from the forthcoming album "Music To Eat Pies By," PLUS a personal message from Sir Hugh Smedley-Farquharson, Chairman of the Board and Head Grader himself, all combine to create a site well worth visiting. Especially if you're vegetarian (snigger)."

Yahoo! made us one of their Picks of the Week for the week starting 26th Nov. 1999, and said the following:
"A British institution, and one perhaps we're not so proud of. To counter this, nay, celebrate its very existence in our society, the BLMB has been unleashed onto an unsuspecting public. This 100% deadly serious web site proudly proclaims that lard is Y2K compliant, which is a relief to say the least, and a warm invitation from Chairman Sir Hugh Smedley-Farquharson welcomes you to the site. See the ground-breaking advertisements for lard through the ages, delight at the sickening prospect of a lardy pork-pie recipe and laugh at the proudly displayed "not suitable for weirdy vegetarians" signs dotted throughout the site. "

More good words came from who said "Not an easy job, generating good PR for large bricks of animal fat, but a site purporting to be the home of the British Lard Marketing Board does a fine job." said "The BLMB is awaiting your custom, chaired by Sir Hugh Smedley-Farquharson (Chairman of the Board & Head Grader). In its defence, it states "Lard gets a bad press - why, we don't know. It's nutritional properties are well documented and it's not our fault that some people are too scared to eat it.""

We've also been on
Radio 2's Steve Wright show as web site of the day, in the Sunday Times(!) on 7th May 2000, but best of all was the full page article in .net magazine.

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