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Cross-channel swimmers cover themselves in lard before starting their swim. However, this is not as widely believed to keep warm; it is to provide a constant snack supply during the trip.

Surfers say they 'wax' their board, but they do of course use lard not wax.

Formula 1 may be the pinnacle of motor sport, but all F1 differentials use lard as a lubricant.

Dawn French eats lard. And nothing else. Allegedly.

Chips cooked in lard taste over a thousand times better than those cooked in namby-pamby oil.

The Italians portray themselves as healthy-eating, long-living olive oil guzzlers. In reality they have an annual lard festival - see the Waitrose Magazine article on the links page.

Pandas and Koala Bears love lard. It's true.

Lard is high in fibre and low in cholesterol. But you know that already. Carol Vorderman disagrees!

Dartford-based alcoholic Mark Fellows ate a mouthful of lard to celebrate his 25th birthday.

Lard is excellent for adding a danger element to Scalextric tracks - particularly those shiny-surfaced chicanes with the lumps either side. You remember them.

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