Lard History
This web site contains lots of useful information about lard, and we thought we'd complete the story by telling you about how this wondrous foodstuff came about...

In the early 19th century, the great explorer Sir Ranulph Livingstone unearthed some ancient hieroglyphics in Egypt depicting a pig being butchered and the fatty parts being primitively refined into a meltable solid. This was then shown being heated in a pot, and small 'chip' type pieces of potato being dropped in. Sir Ranulph returned to England and told his great friend James Barrington Burberry of his exciting findings. Burberry was enchanted by the tale, and was determined to translate these sketches into reality.

Eventually, several years and a few hundred helpless pigs later, he perfected his fried, chipped potatoes, which soon became abbreviated to 'chips'. Selling the product from a market stall soon became impossible due to the incredible demand, so he opened the world's first lard factory in the grim North in 1841.

Of course, your'e now wondering how lard got its name - let's just say that Burberry's rather chubby lass of a wife, Lardene, provided some inspiration!